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ItWhen we initiated the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) Summit for Developing Countries, we wish to bring the best part of the international conference of ISPRM to China.  So that for those who can not present the rehabilitation festival, can also enjoy the latest progress in rehabilitation in China and visit the exhibition with latest devices.  We wish more and more our colleagues and those from developing countries can join us, share the best of ISPRM with all of us.  In the future, ISPRMDC will be built as a permanent international platform enabling us to exchange experience and information, and develop with each other.  China has stepped forward to the international.  This conference will help us to keep moving forward and reaching a higher target.


The 4th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) Summit for Developing Countries will be held in August 2017 in Shenzhen, China.  It will continue to uphold the ISPRM advocacy "to maximally recover the function of patients, improve the quality of life" concept, to spread the essence of ISPRM to a wider area.  The ISPRM conference will help developing countries to share rehabilitation practice, carry out academic cooperation between nations, build academic platform for developing young scholars, share clinical data, promote international scientific collaboration, and promote the common progress of rehabilitation medicine in developing countries.


Shenzhen, the young and innovative modern city, is the first special economic zone after the reform and opening up of China.  It is next to Hong Kong and Macau.  It has created the world-renowned "Shenzhen speed", and enjoy the reputation of "the city of entrepreneurs".  Welcome to Shenzhen.  Let’s witness the speed of rehabilitation.


I hope that all of you will support the ISPRM summit for developing countries, and we are sure it will be a rewarding conference and enjoy it.

Jianan Li

Chair of the Conference

 International associate of the National Academy of Medicine, USA

Director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center of Jiangsu Province Hospital

Immediate past President of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

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